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About Me

Hi there, thank you for visiting my site. I am a software developer by trade and have been writing programs for a year and half. I have experience with Angular, Ionic, React, Redux, and React Native on the frontend - Node.JS and Ethereum [ Solidity ] on the backend. I love software because I am an architect, and when given the option to build dynamic applications that scale across the vast medium of the internet, I am on board!

Curiosity and intuition are sources of fuel for my work ethos, and with that fuel, I hope to create helpful and positive change in the world. I have a growing desire to work closely with API development, testing environments, and systems architecture.

I am a solar energy enthusiast and dabbler of philosophical conversations. I am very good about getting back to people, so feel free to connect with me; I love coffee chats!




BuzzPoint is a full stack Node.JS mobile app that keeps track of a city’s activity by showing aggregate ratings of users’ experiences relative to city zone using geolocation and related metadata BuzzPoint consumes an API built to tell a city's story using its citizens experiences with tags for context as well as timestamp, and location information.

TECH : React Native, BuzzPoint API, Firebase Storage, Google Geocode API, Express, Knex, Bookshelf, PostgreSQL, Mocha, and Chai


My vision for Nomad was to create a tool that a traveler could use on the go to optimize a travel experience in an unfamiliar city. The app gets a user's current location and allows them to select points of interest and returns a editable list of those places. Additionally, there is a calculation of total time traveled against total time spent at a location to provide a high level summary for the day.

TECH : Ionic , Angular, Google Maps API, Google Places Library, Firebase


Paradigm Wealth Achitects

Paradigm Wealth Architects is a wealth management firm that is contracting me to build their website and design their logo; the development process is still in progress. I used arrows and gradients in branding the content to communicate the idea of a shift or paradigm. I used Adobe Illustrator to build the logo, the site is built using Angular.JS to handle multiple views, and the AOS Library creates smooth animations as the user moves through the content.


Music History API

The Music History API is an API that I built using Express, Knex, Bookshelf, and is deployed to Heroku. I am having a lot of fun with APIs right now! Hitting the root URL will tell you what routes are built. Feel free to play around with it and even post some of your favorites.

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Pizza Shack

Pizza Shack uses PostreSQL, Express, Express-session to persist data across session, Knex, Bookshelf, and Pug Templating. Users are authenticated with Passport and bcrypt which hashes/un-hashes passwords to and from the database. Once authenticated, a user can place a pizza order to their liking!

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Career Cupid

Career Cupid is an employer-to-job-seeker matching application that I helped developed in a three person group. It implements PostrgreSQL, Express, Knex, Bookshelf, Passport, Pug templating and JQuery to handle client requests. My role was to design and executed the UI as well as create Express routes for the API.